Our team

Gary Nathan – Chief Executive Officer

CEO, Gary Nathan, leads the company in developing and implementing our high-level strategies. Involved in major corporate decisions, resources and managing overall operations, he implements our core values of integrity and quality at every point. He is the overarching director involved in the financial, communication and technical aspects of the business – running it with precision, passion and unique vision.

Theo Klein - Head of Human Resources

The human side of any company is the key to its success. This is the value that is embraced by Theo and is kept in mind every step of the way. He is involved in the comprehensive human resource management of OROAFRICA – from the recruitment and selection processes to policy development and management. He also runs our employee training and development programmes and makes sure that the human face of our business is as multifaceted and impressive as the gems in our products.

Martin Amman - Group Creative Head

Martin is the Design, Research and Development Manager. He provides creative and technical direction from the initial concept to the final product. In placing sound importance on attention to detail, he manages everything from small and medium quantity product manufacture, to that of bespoke jewellery pieces. Martin also leads OROAFRICA Design in consistently working with our company values and goals in mind – ensuring the high quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.We have the best team ever!